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Extreme Storm

The Future

What will the future look like if Global Warming keeps impacting us at this same rate? The future of the earth may be compromised because of Global Warming, Including extinct species, dead life, changes on earth.

The Future with Global Warming

    Global Warming will affect many species on earth because due to the Warming it is changing homes and habitats of many of our live species and is causing them to become endangered, First off, The Arctic animals like the Polar Bear and the Snow Leopard, Because of global warming, Tons of ice in the Arctic is being melted off, More specifically, Antarctica is losing ice mass (melting) at an average rate of about 150 billion tons per year, and Greenland is losing about 270 billion tons per year, adding to sea level rise. The issue with that is that species like the Snow Leopard and Polar Bears live on that same ice and the ice melting is causing them to loose their home in which they can no longer live and survive on. Not only does the sea level rise affect these species, It affects homes. No the whole world will not go underwater but the coastlines would be extremely different, If all of the ice covering Antartica, Greenland and other mountain glaciers around the world were to melt the sea levels would rise around 70 meters (230 feet), This rise means the coastlines would get smaller, Small places would get flooded and many humans and species would be at risk of death or injuries, Including lost homes and places on earth that could no longer be found.

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